Eduardo Silva

Principal Engineer @ Arm Treasure Data

Eduardo is an open source Engineer at Arm Treasure Data, where he focused on improving Logging and Data Analysis for containerized environments. He is the maintainer of Fluent Bit, a lightweight log processor which is part of Fluentd project ecosystem.

talkContainers & Logging: deep dive of applications insights

Logging is one of the key components to solve application data analysis, and for containerized and distributed environments there is an intrinsic complexity when data comes from different sources and formats. Understanding how application logging works at the container level and its context associated with Pods and metadata in Kubernetes, it's the key for a healthy data analysis. In this presentation, we will do a deep dive into how Logging works from an operational perspective from scratch, we will analyze the data pipeline steps, common challenges and share best practices to succeed with enriched logs stored in your favorite database. We will also discuss the new approach of Logging analysis through the usage of Stream Processing on the edge side and strategies to get faster feedback on anomalies detection.

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