Prateek Nayak

Lead Engineer @ Innablr

Prateek Nayak is a Lead Engineer at Innablr with primary focus on helping clients build infrastructure platforms to enable fast and secure delivery of applications to production

talkKeeping an eye on your serverless containers

Serverless, even for containers, means that you don't need to think about the underlying servers / clusters which takes away a lot of control but also takes away a lot of hassle around managing and patching the servers, i.e worker nodes, on the cluster. But when you go serverless how do you ensure that you still know what is going on in your container ecosystem? How do you react to unknown failure modes when the traditional means of diagnosing an application do not apply anymore? In this talk we'll try to answer these questions by sharing how you can build, run, and most importantly keep an eye on your serverless containers. And to throw in another buzzword, we'll even make it multi-cloud!

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