Geshan Manandhar

Senior Software Engineer @ THE ICONIC

Geshan is a seasoned software engineer, with more than a decade of software engineering experience. Currently, in Sydney, Australia serving THE ICONIC as a senior software engineer. He has a keen interest in REST architecture and microservices. He is actively involved with the developer community in his hometown Kathmandu, Nepal. He occasionally blogs in his free time.

talkMoving from A and B to ~150 microservices, the journey, and learnings

Are you frustrated working with large, legacy and potentially lethal code bases? We were frustrated too, but in 4-5 years of time, we replaced A (front-end) and B (back-office) system with ~150 microservices. From the days of no tests and clumsy deployment process, we moved to each service with unit tests, CI and deploying with a bot. With the business buying in the process, we enabled the company to reach new heights. This talk reveals that journey and the things we learned along the way.

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