Matt Hope

Principal Engineer @ Nine

Matt is a Principal Systems Engineer at Nine Publishing, the team behind some of Australia’s oldest and most widely read news publications, such as the Australian Financial Review, Sydney Morning Herald and The Age. Matt has been working with IT Infrastructure for the past twenty years. He has worked on cloud environments, automation, monitoring, web caching and web hosting. More recently, Matt has been building and applying his expertise with Kubernetes at Nine.

talkThe Nine Journey: Cloud Native Transformation

This is a story about a 185-year-old publishing company which goes through cloud native transformation. In less than a year the team manages to switch from releasing their monolith monthly to releasing their microservices many times a day. Matt will describe the process of adopting more than half of the CNCF incubating projects, creating hundreds of Kubernetes namespaces in multiple clusters, while ensuring excellent automation and observability practices. And with all this, the vast majority of developers in the team do not need to use kubectl, helm or anything other than git and chat bots. Matt will talk about what this transformation means for the business and how it affects the company culture.

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