Katherine Lim

Senior Engineer @ Innablr

Katherine Lim is a Senior Engineer at Innablr. An experienced DevOps Engineer, Katherine has built infrastructure-as-code and worked at the intersection of Development and Operations for the last 20 years. Recently, she has been consulting on low-cost IoT platforms on a project with a large multinational company.

talkUsing Kubernetes in IOT Edge Node Development

In IoT, Edge nodes bring compute closer to data sources to support on-site data processing and analysis. Keeping software updated and secure meant reinventing ways to manage orchestration. When incompatibilities were found it wouldn't be easy to roll back a change. Using containers and Kubernetes we detail an IoT software stack for an Edge node that would be easier to update, roll back changes and orchestrate services. The architecture would be beneficial for quicker turnaround on development and testing and also in operations.

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